What To Do In Williamstown, Kentucky

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Are you traveling or thinking about going to Williamstown, Kentucky? If so, we’ve got a few different stops to make your trip worthwhile.

Williamstown is full of history and there’s plenty of things to learn about the city and Grant County. It’s not very large with only 4,000 people in the city limits.

It’s most famously known for the Ark Encounter. If that’s what you are mainly wanting to do in Williamstown, then we’ve got your review.

Keep scrolling and lets look at some of the things to do in and around beautiful Williamstown, Kentucky.

Ark Encounter

The gist of it

The Ark Encounter is a huge replica of Noah’s Ark that opened in 2016. It took $120 million dollars to complete the wooden structure and was created by Ken Ham.

The Christian themed park is based on the flood story in the bible and is 510 feet long and 85 feet wide. It stands tall at 51 feet high.

It has multiple decks with a total of 132 bays showcasing a different array of animated animal models. There are no live animals in the exhibit but there is a zoo on site nearby.

It was chosen as “Sight of the Week” by Doug Kirby in 2018.

The Ark Encounter and museum is a definitely a sight to see and attracts over 1.2 million yearly visitors.

Our experience

For us, living in Kentucky, we wanted to at least see the big Ark Encounter one time. We wanted to see how big the boat was in person and how it relates to the real Noah’s Ark in biblical times.

It had recently opened when we went, everything was clean, folks were friendly. There’s a big parking lot with bus shuttles.

The architecture is amazing, made out of real wood beams. You can tell the owner Ken put a lot of thought, detailed and designing into the Ark.

Overall, we recommend at least driving to it and seeing it from the parking lot. If you feel up to paying the admission fee, it is worth it just to walk through and admire the architecture.

Interior view of Ark Encounter Williamstown Kentucky
Photo of the inside woodwork of Ark Encounter in Williamstown, Kentucky


1 Ark Encounter Dr, Williamstown, KY 41097


(855) 284-3275


Monday to Saturday: 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Sunday: 1:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.



Kids 10 and under get in free and adults are $60.

William Arnold Log House

William Arnold was the founder of Williamstown. His old childhood home is now turned into a historical museum with a lot of historical artifacts.

The house was built in 1799 and was built using huge poplar logs from the area.

Little tidbit about Poplar: The Poplar tree was typically used to build cabins and boats because the trees grow straight and tall. The Native Americans would carve out their canoes with the straight tree trunks. The Tulip Poplar is also the Kentucky state tree.

Inside the house, you will find amazing architecture from the time period, beautiful furniture and other belongings of William Arnold.

We did not have a chance to see the log house while we were on our visit, but the reviews recommend a visit to the cabin.

William Arnold Home in Williamstown KY
Photo of William Arnold home from the museum website


224 South Main Street, Williamstown




Open  May – October
Monday – Closed
Tuesday – 2-6 pm
Wednesday – 2-6 pm
Thursday – 2-6 pm
Friday – 2-6 pm
Saturday – 2 – 7 pm
Sunday – Closed

There is no cost to view the museum.

Williamstown Kentucky Zoo (Ararat Ridge)

While in the Williamstown area visiting the Ark, it’s the perfect opportunity to check out the Ararat Ridge Zoo. They have all kinds of mammals, birds and reptiles.

The Ararat Ridge Zoo is also one of the few places you can ride a camel in Kentucky. For $10, kids 17 years of age and under can ride the camel.

If you have children, there’s also a small petting zoo that allows you to pet the goats for free.

We didn’t visit the zoo while in town, but have heard good reviews about it if you have children.

Frank Webb Memorial Park

Frank Webb Memorial Park is located in the City of Williamstown on a beautiful 8.5 acre piece of land. It provides a lot of space for families of all ages to enjoy recreation in the outdoors.

If you are like us and look for parks while traveling with kids, then this would be a good rest stop for you and the family to take a break and stretch the legs.

Frank webb memorial park shelters
Photo of Frank Webb Memorial Park Shelters. Source: Tripadvisor

The park has the following amenities:

  • 3 shelters for your gatherings
  • Picnic areas to eat
  • Restrooms to use the bathroom
  • 2 Playgrounds for children’s enjoyment
  • Basketball and tennis courts
  • Free WIFI for remote workers

The park is open daily dawn to dusk. No alcohol is allowed.


406 Webb Drive Williamstown, KY

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Williamstown, Kentucky:

When was Williamstown, Kentucky Founded?

Williamstown was founded on June 12, 1820 in the newly formed Grant County by Captain William Arnold. It is the county seat of Grant County and home of the large Christian themed park, Ark Encounter.

How deep is Williamstown Lake?

Williamstown Lake is a 365 acre lake in Williamstown that serves recreational purposes as well as the water reservoir for the city. The deepest part of Williamstown Lake is 70 feet deep with an average depth of 21 feet.

Is Grant County a dry county?

Grant County is a moist county, meaning the county is dry, but you can purchase alcohol within the city limits of Williamstown, Dry Ridge and Corinth.

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