Things To Do In Hazard Kentucky: Tourist Attractions & Where To Eat

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Known as the Queen City of the Mountains, Hazard is a small town located in Eastern Kentucky that is an outdoor lovers paradise.

The city is small but offers a large variety of tourist attractions and things to do for people in the area, especially for those that love being adventurous and the outdoors.

Boating, fishing, hiking and exploring are a few things that one can do in Hazard and Perry County. Hazard is also known for the birthplace of the blue people of Kentucky.

In this travel guide, we’ll explore some of the best things to do in Hazard Kentucky. Lets get started.

Things To Do In Hazard Kentucky

The Mother Goose House

The Mother Goose House is a quirky and unique architectural landmark in Hazard. It’s a house that’s designed to look like a giant goose and is definitely a sight to see. While the Mother Goose House is not a traditional museum or historical site, it has become a local attraction and a point of interest for visitors passing through the Hazard area.

Perry County Park

Want to enjoy hiking or some type of outdoor recreation? Perry County Park stands as a recreational lovers paradise, offering an array of amenities to cater to every outdoor enthusiast. This park is a testament to the county’s commitment to providing top notch outdoor facilities for visitors and locals.

Holliday Farm and Garden

Steeped in rich history dating back to its founding in 1855, Holliday Farm showcases Kentucky’s agricultural heritage. Over the years, this beloved farm has passed through the hands of several generations. Offering pumpkins, mums, flowers and fresh produce, come check out Holliday Farm.

Daniel Boone National Forest

Located in eastern Kentucky, the Daniel Boone National Forest is a pristine wilderness beckoning outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. It’s about an hour drive west of Hazard. Covering over 700,000 acres of rugged terrain, it’s an outdoor haven for people who love the outdoors. Named after the legendary frontiersman Daniel Boone, who walked through these very woods.

Homeplace Clinic Log Cabin

If you are a history buff and like to visit old cultural and unique places, then the Homeplace will be for you. It’s a large two story log cabin built in 1930. It’s located on the community center grounds with lots of beautiful scenery.

Buckhorn Lake

Located a few miles north of Hazard is Buckhorn Lake State Resort Park. If you’ve ever been to a Kentucky State Park, you know how clean and beautiful they are. Our state does a great job upkeeping them, and it’s the same at Buckhorn.

If you like fishing, boating, hiking and outdoors, Buckhorn Lake is for you. There’s horseshoes, playgrounds for the kids and miniature golf for a little family game night.

Also, while near Buckhorn Lake, check out the nearby Buckhorn Lake Area Presbyterian Church Log Cathedral. It’s an amazing church built in 1928 from white oak in the surrounding forests that stands as the center of the small mount town.

Places To Eat In Hazard Kentucky

Hazard Coffee Company

A local coffee shop serving fresh brewed coffee, lattes and locally sourced pastries.

Website –

Rudy’s Bakery

Locally owned bakery offering sweet treats such as cakes, pastries and cupcakes.

Website –

France’s Diner

Locally owned family style restaurant offering a full menu of breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Website –

Prime 606

Locally owned and one of the best restaurants in Hazard offering steaks, burgers and more.

Website –

Where To Shop In Hazard Kentucky

Appalachian Apparel Company

Clothing and apparel store downtown Hazard offering unique gifts and apparel featuring local artists and culture.

Website –


You can find all sorts of antiques and treasures at Jac-Lin’s antique shop in Hazard.

Website –


We hope this guide helped you find things to do in Hazard and Perry County Kentucky. Hazard is a small town with a lot of outdoor recreation activities nearby.

To find out more information about local events and attractions, visit the Hazard Perry County Tourism website –

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